David Klein

Happy 30th Birthday, Mac

25 January 2014

I have always used Macs (except for a couple wretched summer internships). Someday, I’ll put together a shrine of old computers (my current shrine is dedicated to phones, PDAs, and mp3 players). Below are the computers I've used throughout my life.

  1. LC
  2. Performa 6115
  3. Performa 6300
  4. Power Mac G3 Blue & White
  5. PowerBook G4 Titanium
  6. iMac
  7. MacBook Pro Touch Bar

When I look at this list and reflect, certain homes, games, and stages of my life come to mind. I can vividly remember where each computer lived, and what it was primarily used for. Sim City 2000, Warcraft II, Marathon, Starcraft, burning CDs, and, perhaps, the occasional essay.

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