David Klein
Looper Cell Phone Movie Screenshot

That Looper Phone

10 February 2014

I am always deeply fascinated by tech products shown in movies set in the future. Above you can see Joseph Gordon Levitt’s cell phone in Looper as he is receiving a call. Someone designed this hardware and software specifically for this movie. What does it tell us?


This isn’t the only recent movie to use a transparent cell phone screen. We also see one in Hugh Jackman’s phone in Reel Steel. What is the advantage? This forces all of the circuitry into the bezel. Good luck with that, Ive.

Icons Shape

The phone’s shape is almost a perfect square. This tells us that in the future people either don’t watch videos on their phones, or the video format somehow returned to 4:3.


I believe it’s safe to assume that a red X means “do not answer.” A green OK is inconsistent. Why not show a green checkmark instead?


I do not see any physical buttons. It must be entirely controlled by software.


I do not see any holes for noise to escape. How does JGL hear the caller’s voice? How does the phone ring? Note: It’s funny to use the word “ring” considering phones do not truly ring anymore.


The phone is too thin to plug in any cables. It must charge through induction (or wirelessly!).


JGL immediately smashes the phone with a rock after this close-up. I guess Gorilla Glass X isn’t indestructible.


Yes, I really enjoy these explorations.

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