David Klein
Uber Lyft Chart
y axis: number of rides · x axis: time

Uber vs. Lyft

27 June 2014

I'm done with Uber. As you can see in the chart above, my behavior has begun to drastically change. Approximately two months ago, I began to favor Lyft over Uber. Today, I'm deleting Uber from my phone. There are too many instances of immaturity, deception, corruption, and negligence.

Here are some examples of recent events that have lead me to this behavioral change:

In less than a year Uber has made me feel unsafe as an uberx passenger, been caught aggressively attempting to sabotage the competition, consciously lied to publications, threatened journalists, and, my personal favorite, allowed its CEO to repeatedly make disgusting statements.

I can't imagine Uber recovering without a major change in leadership. Of course one could argue that they don't actually need to recover considering their multi-billionaire dollar valuation, but they'll have to continue without me as a customer.

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