David Klein

David has a unique ability to solve complex problems from both an interaction and visual perspective. He can reliably guide you from an idea to a product. His personality is also a valuable asset to any team.

—reza raji, founder of icontrol networks

Xenio Systems

current · principal designer

I am currently leading all design efforts for Xenio Systems focusing on building a Bluetooth-connected retail experience.


2016 · principal designer

At Fyusion I researched and redesigned many aspects of the iOS and Android apps to improve 3d image capturing.


2014 — 2015 · head of design

Social networks cater to posting status updates to a broad audience. Trullo was for sharing opinions about your favorite things.


2014 — 2016 · head of design

There are many ways to organize events: group texts, Facebook Events, etc. Juggle is a replacement that is both fun and easy to use.


2013 — 2014 · lead designer

As Lead Designer at Moovweb my role was to ensure our clients’ mobile websites were efficient, performant, and launched on time.


2013 · product designer

wetweet was born out of my desire to bring one of my favorite Tumblr features to Twitter: the ability to crowdsource my content.

Icontrol Networks

2006 — 2012 · ui designer

The home security industry had barely changed in 30 years until Icontrol came along. We connected your security system to the cloud.

David has quickly become a crucial asset to the Fyusion team. As a designer he is extremely precise, with a great eye for consistency, balance, and clean simplicity. As a communicator he is clear, rational, and preternaturally patient with his engineering colleagues; crafting our (frequently conflicting) opinions into coherent goals, and following them through to execution. His most important role, though, might be as an advocate for organization and process: he came in at a time when things were chaotic, and helped us institute something uncannily resembling order. I would highly recommend him as a collaborator.

—stephen miller, co-founder / vp of engineering at fyusion