David Klein

David has a unique ability to solve complex problems from both an interaction and visual perspective. He can reliably guide you from an idea to a product. His personality is also a valuable asset to any team.

—reza raji, founder of icontrol networks
Salesforce logo


currentlead designer

At Salesforce I am a lead designer on the Windows Chatter and Salesforce mobile app teams. I also provide consistent entertainment through Seinfeld-related antics.

Xenio wave image

Xenio Systems

2016–2017principal designer

At Xenio Systems I lead all design efforts focusing on Bluetooth-connected retail, hospitality, and fitness experiences.

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Fyusion graphic


2016principal designer

At Fyusion I researched and redesigned many aspects of the iOS and Android apps to improve 3D image capturing.

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Trullo village photo in Italy


2014–2015head of design

Social networks cater to posting status updates to a broad audience. Trullo was for sharing opinions about your favorite things.

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Moovweb client logos


2006–2012lead ux designer

As Lead Designer at Moovweb my role was to ensure our clients’ mobile websites were efficient, performant, and launched on time.

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Icontrol software on iPhone, iPad, and Touch Screen

Icontrol Networks

2006–2012ui designer

The home security industry had barely changed in 30 years until Icontrol came along. We connected your security system to the cloud.

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