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wetweet was born out of my desire to bring one of my favorite Tumblr features to Twitter. It’s a system for companies, communities, clubs and news organizations to have a collaborative Twitter feed managed by a central curator with ultimate control of the published content.

This was my first personal project and as such I was responsible for all concept, interaction and visual designs. It was exciting and challenging. I had to learn HAML and Ruby, and employ the help of a developer friend to make it happen.

wetweet has been a thoroughly rewarding experience. I'm proud to talk to users who instantly understand its purpose.

Landing page

The goal of this page is to explain in simple terms wetweet's purpose, and to quickly let people sign up or sign in.

wetweet landing page

Left: Sketch · Right: Production


After authenticating, the account owner is presented with a queue. Each tweet can be published, archived, or deleted. The account owner can quickly switch between the queue, a list of published Tweets, and a list of archived Tweets. During the design and development phase of wetweet, the feature of editing a Tweet was thoroughly discussed. However, to maintain the legitimacy of the suggested Tweet, it was decided to not allow the account owner to make changes.

If the queue is empty, the user is encouraged to share her wetweet URL: wetweet.co/[username].

Account names, buttons, and dates are all set in a combination of Proxima Nova Light and Regular. Tweets are set in Adelle Regular. Both are served by Typekit, and the pair was a suggestion discovered on Daniel Eden's Just My Type.

wetweet queue

Left: Sketch · Right: Production


There are two versions of the Compose page where users can suggest Tweets. One is the signed in version for users who have authenticated with Twitter already, and the other is for users who have not yet authenticated. The former provides a Submit button after text is entered, and the latter provides a Sign In with Twitter button. The goal is to not discourage users who have not yet authetnicated by allowing them to compose a Tweet before signing up.

wetweet compose

Left: Sketch · Right: Production


wetweet is hosted on Heroku and built with Ruby. The concept, interaction, and visual designs were completed by yours truly, and the development was completed by a friend. As a result of this project, I learned HAML and a bit of Ruby.

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