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Spectre Camera—iPhone App of the Year

Apple’s coveted Best of 2019 awards were announced, and iPhone App of the Year was awarded to Spectre Camera by Lux Optics. Coincidentally I tried Spectre recently while photographing the sunset against the Golden Gate Bridge during a Photosprouts landscape photography course. Spectre is amazing. It allows anyone to capture gorgeous long exposure photos with […]

Craig Mod Pontificates About macOS Behaviour

Each time I try to use iMovie my mental model for how an app should work is challenged: What *are* you, Sir? Be you a desktop app? Or be you an iOS app? Or be you some unholy hybrid, neither here nor there, using neither standard nor guessable UX patterns or keyboard shortcuts? Where as […]

Apple’s New Map

Justin O’Beirne: But don’t let its size fool you—it’s a dramatically different map from before… I thoroughly enjoy Justin’s essays on Apple and Google Maps. The details captured are incredible.

Horizontal Scrolling on the Web Left to right scrolling has always been considered a designer’s valiant effort to be different with little recognition or acceptance from users. It became somewhat achievable when the Mighty Mouse was released with its 360 degree scrolling nubbin. Even then, horizontal scrolling was frustrating and unnecessary. Little changed with the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad […]