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Quick Website Updates

Back on the mat 🧘🏻‍♂️ – evhead: A few years later, I wrote some code that allowed me to hit a keyboard shortcut when visiting — I believe it was the letter ‘n’ — which would bring up a modal textarea. When I typed into that and hit submit, that text would show up […]

Sony Metreon

The San Francisco mall was set to revolutionize urban entertainment in 1999, burning bright before a spectacular fall. Today we think of the AMC Metreon as a movie theater complex with an average Japanese restaurant, small food court, robot cafe, Target, and Bitcoin ATM. In 1999 though it was the Sony Metreon, an attempt to […]


Khoi Vinh on How His Blog Amplified His Work and Career – Own Your Content: Paul Jin: When you’re looking through other people’s portfolios, what stands out? Do you have any advice And could you share any practical wisdom to creatives on how to showcase their portfolios better? Khoi Vinh: I’d be much more interested […]