Craig Mod Pontificates About macOS Behaviour

Each time I try to use iMovie my mental model for how an app should work is challenged: What *are* you, Sir? Be you a desktop app? Or be you an iOS app? Or be you some unholy hybrid, neither here nor there, using neither standard nor guessable UX patterns or keyboard shortcuts?

Where as using Keynote makes me feel like some perfect freestyle swimmer, able to glide effortlessly forward, running against few walls, expected functionality where I expect it, working as I anticipate it to work.

Let’s play: How do you save a movie in iMovie?

File … > Save? Nope. Doesn’t exist.

File … must be … > EXPORT? Nada.

OK … File … > Share?? … > File… ?


File > Share > File is how you get a movie out of iMovie onto your drive?

*places laptop in toilet*

I mean, I get the impulse to create parity between iOS and macOS … sort of. But, who is this helping? The iOS folks are going to open the app on iOS, and the folks on macOS are going to expect standard macOS patterns.

Craig makes excellent points about how some apps changed over time depending on how closely linked to iOS they became. Keynote continues to behave the way it did in the early 2000s when I was making fancy HCI presentations with three dimensional slide transitions.