Sony Metreon

The San Francisco mall was set to revolutionize urban entertainment in 1999, burning bright before a spectacular fall.

Today we think of the AMC Metreon as a movie theater complex with an average Japanese restaurant, small food court, robot cafe, Target, and Bitcoin ATM.

In 1999 though it was the Sony Metreon, an attempt to shove Universal Studios into downtown San Francisco. I actually went with my family when it opened. Tickets were approximately $20 each for complete access (there were multiple tiers for some reason). There were short 3D films, a Microsoft retail store, a large food court, and a gigantic arcade. It was fun for an immature teenager, but as one can imagine there was little desire to ever return.

I highly recommend reading the San Francisco Chronicle article about the Sony Metreon (or at least look at the photos). Afterwards listen to The Big Event podcast episode for some fun stories about San Francisco and this unusual development.