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I was born in Los Angeles, CA, but I grew up further North in Hillsborough, CA. My passion for art and design began at a young age when my parents consistently brought me to art galleries in San Francisco. I was often quizzed by a parent if a print of a famous piece was spotted around town: “Who do you think painted that?” “Sam Francis!” I would shout with excitement.

Eventually I flew away to a bitter cold upstate New York to attend Cornell University where I studied Economics and Computer Science. My career in design began with a few courses on Human Computer Interaction, and culminated with research in machine vision, affective computing, and peripheral displays.

After graduating I made the obvious decision to return to the San Francisco Bay Area, and pursue an opportunity at a tiny startup with a gigantic vision: Icontrol Networks. A decade passed, a few more startup experiences accumulated, and now I’m cranking on a variety of products at another small startup tackling a complicated problem: Xenio Systems.

When I’m not talking about design, I’m brewing and sipping a shipment of light-roasted beans from Mistobox, arguing about movies, or sipping wine with my girlfriend, Remy. I’m active on Twitter and Instagram, and I occasionally write longer thoughts on my Journal. If you’d like to grab a coffee feel free to email me: me@diklein.com.

Andy shihtzu dog

It's not weird that I have this photo. Chill.


My Mother lives a few towns South of San Francisco with a shih tzu. His name is Couture, but we mostly call him Coco. Sadly Andy passed away after 14 years.

Podcasts (Pods?)

Below is a growing (and occasionally shrinking) list of podcasts to which I listen. Yes, to which I listen. If I'm missing any please contact me on Twitter. This list was updated on January 1, 2018.


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