The Science of Brewing Coffee by Mistobox

By the time a coffee arrives at your doorstep, it has traveled a long distance and has been transformed from an agricultural product into freshly roasted beans ready to be ground and brewed. We recognize the effort, time, and energy that goes into making the decisions about things like growing variables, processing, and roasting that factor into creating an exceptionally high-quality coffee. However, the truth is that none of that means it will be the best coffee you’ve ever had if it isn’t properly brewed. When preparing your coffee at home, you are the last factor in this long, energy-intensive coffee supply chain. You become an active participant in bringing the specialty coffee to life and ultimately influencing the taste, for better or for worse. That is why understanding the brewing process can help to turn that specialty-grade bean into something delicious, every time.

Tyler does a solid job succinctly explaining the science behind brewing coffee on the Mistobox blog. Read through and try to remember one thing from this article, and then apply it the next time you drink a cup of coffee. Was the extraction ideal? Was the ground fine, medium, or coarse? Have you tried using turbulence?

In the Klein household we use a medium grind setting with the Breville Smart Grinder Pro for the Moccamaster KBT. I only use turbulence when I use my Hario V60 for a single cup.

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