Generative Logo Design

Adam Morse writes about using generative tools to create a logo for Components AI.

When we first set out to design a logo for Components AI, we naturally gravitated towards generative concepts. The idea of a static mark didn’t seem to make sense as a brand concept. As people interact with the design tools, Components AI as a product is constantly altered. The logo is an opportunity to play with and reflect that concept in our visual language.

Makes sense considering the goal of the company.

After looking at thousands of options, this output felt balanced and inline with what we wanted. It’s got enough variance to feel alive and dynamic. It’s only 1 degree removed from a random grid of dots. While simple, we feel it’s a step forward aesthetically and a bit more recognizable as a mark.

I highly recommend reading this post. At first I was highly skeptical, but after walking through the process they really did land on a simple, recognizable mark.