Simplified Setup

Photo credit: Twelve South

For work I recently swapped my 2015 MacBook Pro for a 2019 Mac mini. As a result of transitioning into management I no longer need to worry about graphics cards and Sketch performance. The Mac mini is small and quiet (just like my new iPhone 12 mini).

Naturally I placed the Mac mini next to my LG 5K monitor. However, I recently observed that my monitor is far too low. A computer user’s eyes should point at the center of a monitor. After attaching my digital camera for proper video conferencing, the monitor was pushed to its lowest height setting. Every time I push it up it slides right back down again. Time for a new desk accessory.

I purchased a Twelve South Curve Riser which provides several benefits:

  • My monitor is now at the correct height
  • There is a compartment for the Mac mini as one can see in the photo
  • There is another compartment for tablets, notebooks, pencils, and smart pencils

Now my monitor is in a good position, the Mac mini is hidden, and I have more desk space.

Desk Setup