Siracusa’s Stories

John Siracusa, of Hypercritical, Accidental Tech Podcast, Reconcilable Differences, and The Incomporable fame, is an underrated storyteller. Whether it’s cooking, researching cheese graters, reviewing toasters, moving refrigerators, or, as I discovered this week, troubleshooting his new Mac Pro, I’m somehow always enthralled. No detail is too small, and subtle hints live amongst the minutiae.

I recommend listening to the post-show portion of this week’s episode of ATP: We’re the Bit Company. Start at 1 hour, 53 minutes.

Casey: So right before we started recording, something appeared in the after show section of the show notes. And it says, John’s Mac Pro woes.” Oh no. What’s going on…

Marco: I saw this too and right at that moment I’m like Oh no… This is not good. Oh John. What’s up?”

John: Hmm… Well… This is one of those things where… it’s not a slow-moving disaster, but it’s kind of a gradual thing… I’m trying to pinpoint when did this all begin.

Who knew troubleshooting could be so entertaining.

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