Apple Collection List

In 2011 I started collecting a few Apple products when a coworker who once worked at Apple gave me his QuickTake 150 and 200. I proudly displayed these on my desk and slowly added to the collection with an eMate, Newton, PowerCD Player, and a Cube.

My desk at iControl Networks. Shot on an iPhone 4 in 2011.

Over the past thirteen years the collection has grown through eBay purchases, Craigslist purchases, and friends/family who discover old products in a basement. Apple has made many products since 1976, and I certainly do not intend to own all of them. (Remember the Performa line? Yikes.) When considering adding something to the collection I run through the following questions:

  • Did I use one at home, school, or a friend’s house?
  • Is this product weird/unique/goofy?
  • Is this product important in Apple’s history?

I promise this makes sense in my head.

Recently I realized that I had never documented what I owned and what I hope to acquire in the future. Well, my Apple Collection is ready to share. Let me know if I’m missing anything. Soon I will clean everything throughly and take a few photos of the museum in the garage (the only place I’m allowed to display everything naturally).

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