Explorations in Imagemaking

iPod images

In this assignment I’d like you to experiment with a variety of imagemaking techniques to create a range of images of a single household object. Choose something that comes in different varieties, something that isn’t too visually complicated, or too simple, and something that is easily recognizable. Make at least 10 images of your object. Make each image with different techniques, and in a different way. Make them all approximately the same size, 5 x 5 inches, each in the middle of an 8.5 x 11” or A4 (vertical) sheet of paper. If you make your images by hand, please scan them at 300ppi at 100% of size. Please include a title for your assignment, and submit! After submitting, you will be prompted to review two of your peers’ assignments. Good luck!

For the first assignment in Coursera’s Fundamentals of Graphic Design course I focused on the iPod (of course) and named it David Klein’s iPod Collection.” It includes photographing and recreating the original iPod using Figma, Linea, a pencil, a crayon, paper, and a simple collage.

Coursera iPod