Moment Kickstarter Campaign

Moment launched a Kickstarter campaign today!

This is our 6th campaign and we’re more excited than ever to bring you our first line of bags for the NEW work - backpacks, totes, and organizers for working anywhere and traveling everywhere.

As an owner of Moment’s Anamorphic Lens, Macro Lens, iPhone 11 Pro Thin Case, and a fan of the Moment YouTube channel, I’m pumped to see this new line of bags and cases. I backed the MTW Tote and Tech Organizer.

The Klein household currently uses a Filson tote (thank you for the wonderful gift, Jesse) when we travel to family members’ houses and wife-approved hotels. The Filson tote is pretty but its lack of pockets and zipper causes anxiety. Cables and chargers also end up tossed into a suitcase which results in cables getting tangled amongst my allbirds underwear and socks.

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