RayMac on Kickstarter

RayCast on a desk

Nothing combines fun, functionality and just the right amount of nostalgia like the RayCue 128K. It looks like a miniature version of the iconic Apple Macintosh yet delivers modern features. A most versatile addition to your workspace, the RayCue 128K Pro boasts 14 docking ports, bluetooth speaker, and a cool display ready to show your favorite photos, time, date or any image you desire! Utilizing DisplayLink® technology, it also allows your computer to support 3 external displays. Plus, the RayCue 128K comes with a 7-port portable hub that looks just like a keyboard. It makes the perfect gift, office conversation piece or productivity splurge for anyone who remembers Apple’s early good old days!

Backed on Kickstarter! Can’t wait for this to arrive.