iA Notebook for Writers

iA Notebooks for Writers

As a long-time user of iA Writer (I’m literally writing in it right now) and fan of iA, I was delighted to see the announcement that a tangible paper notebook was coming: Notebook for Writers. Of course it’s beautiful. I appreciate the subtle guidelines on each page, and the description is exactly what I would expect from this team:

We wanted guidelines in the notebook, serving as a temporary scaffold to support your writing without causing distraction. The design had to reflect the core spirit of iA Writer: simple, clean, uncluttered. The use of ink had to be exclusively reserved for the owner’s handwritten text. After exploring different approaches, the decision to adopt delicate watermark guidelines became clear, even though its implementation demands high technical expertise and attention to detail.

To be honest I have tried to become a notebook person many times and failed. Moleskines in multiple sizes and shapes, conference and meetup giveaways, and even a black notebook paired with a white pencil didn’t work. Perhaps I’ll try again.

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